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M.Sc. Program
Ph.D. Program
Courses in Ph.D. Program
Required Courses
• 2600714 Independent Study in Information Systems/Information Technology Research
      Independent study and research in information systems and information technology under faculty supervision.
• 2600720 Quantitative Research Methodology
      Research process; different research methodology: experimental design, quantitative research, field study; statistical techniques: applied regression, structural equation modeling; papers critique; research designs for a field study, an experimental study, and modeling.
• 2600721 Qualitative Research Methodology
      Research process; theory and practice of naturalistic inquiry; Grounded Theory; ethnographic methods: interviews, focus groups, naturalistic observation; case studies; analysis of qualitative data; reliability, validity and generalizability of qualitative research.
• 2600722 Measurement
      Theory of measurement; scale development and refinement processes; statistical techniques related to the testing of measurement: scale reliability and validity, confirmatory factor analysis.
• 2602704 Theories in Management Information Systems Research
      A collection of diverse theoretical perspectives from several reference disciplines; MIS researches built upon each of those perspectives; developing research proposals in the specific or integrative areas.
• 2603720 Applied Multivariate Analysis
      Current multivariate statistical methods: discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, principal component analysis, canonical analysis, factor analysis, and other multivariate statistical methods.
• 2603721 Seminar in Information Systems/Information Technology
      A survey of the IS/IT body of knowledge ; applicable research theories and frameworks; outstanding IS/IT research; evaluation process of IS/IT journal articles.
• 2603722 Seminar in Information Systems/Information Technology Research
      An in-depth seminar of IS research; IT investment: impact, implementation, project management; IT and firm strategy; types of research; research methods; scholarly writing; discussions and research paper reviews.
Elective Courses
• 2600715 Special Topics in Information Technology in Business
      Special topics or significant problems in the development of information systems and information technology; survey of the diversity of methodologies and techniques used in information technology in business; relationships between information technology and business and other information disciplines; critique of academic research.
• 2600716 Field Study Research in Information Technology in Business
      Individual or group study of specific problems in the management of information technology and information systems with an emphasis on field projects under faculty supervision.
• 2600723 Intensive Research Methods
      Hands-on experience in experimental research, survey research, and case study research; specific research processes: designing, conducting, and manuscript writing.
• 2602701 Seminar in Information Resource Management
      Information resources to support operations, decision making, and strategic planning within private, public, and non-profit organizations; information management using information technology to manage an information intensive organization from operational to strategic levels.
• 2602702 Virtual Societies
      How people live and work in virtual societies; virtual social forms mixed with face-to-face relationships; applications of various virtual forms within the larger context of virtual societies.
• 2602703 Knowledge Management
      Knowledge management in organizations; gathering methods; management and use of knowledge; tacit and explicit knowledge; differences between information and knowledge; strategic use; technologies; people and cultural issues; knowledge transfer; knowledge implementation.